"No matter when or where, always bring your ‘A’ game,
because you never know when it will open doors for you."

Simon Sinek

What I do. What I love.

creative design

Project management

Brand Identity

Revenue Growth

About me

Perform, plan, and build to succeed.

Passionate about marketing, design and new technologies – my goal is to improve brand awareness and increase lead generation through the implementation of strategic campaigns, effective communication, web management, well-organised events and customer care.

I like building the buzz. Managing multiple projects. Checking the stats. Measuring the results. Growing the sales.

And the most important thing: I love what I do.

  • Adobe creative suite: photoshop, indesign, illustrator
  • Web Management: ga, wordpress, drupal, sitecore, HTML/CSS
  • ms office 365: word, excel, powerpoint, teams
  • CRM & marketing automation: salesforce, pardot, hubspot

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